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Executive Orders
Executive Board
Tanasia Morton
Student Body President
Joshua Starr
Student Body Vice-President &
President of the Senate
Emily Kindred
Director of Communications
Justin Snyder
Director of Business & Finance
Kangkana Koli
Director of Social Justice
Annie Sommerville* 
Director of Governmental Affairs
Brianna Moore
Director of Student Services
Leah Vanlandingham
Director of Sustainability
 Rasheed Atwater
Director of Philanthropy
Nate Pyle
Election Commissioner
Annaliese Corace
Speaker of the Senate
Mahera Richardson
Judicial Sergean
*Director Resigned Nov. 7th
Position Terminated Nov 8th
103rd Senate
(Contained the following individuals)

Sfouk Al-Jarba

Waverly Bausley

Rachel Caloia

Annaliese Corace

Candice Crutcher

Austin Deljevic

Hermione Dorce

Zahara Fofana

Ray Garcia

Andrew Glaza

Chandlar Hines

B. Preston Johnson

Jaren Johnson

Sam Jones-Darling

Craig Kisell

Kangkana Koli

Destinee Leapheart

Tiraj Lucas

Sanyu Lukwago

Cierra McKinney

Lorant Peeler

Morgan Randall

Ethan Smith

Travis Tharp

Luke Thompson

Michael Trombley

Justin Walters

Kevonte White

MiaJune Wurster

Yoheny Yanes

Award Winners
Striving for Students Award
Student Government Member of the Year
Winner: Joshua Starr
Executive Board Member of the Year
Winner: Leah Vanlandingham
Senator of the Year
Winner: Raymond Garcia
Committee of the Year
Winner: Student Services
Commission of the Year
Winner: 10-Point Plan Commission
Presented by the Student Body President & Vice-President:
Absolute Zero ($0) Award
Winner: Business & Finance Committee &
Justin Snyder, Director
Hidden Figures Award:
Winners: Brianna Moore &
Destinee Leapheart
Executive Elections 2016 & 2017
2016 Executive Results-
Tanasia Morton & Joshua Starr   68%
Kiera Fegan & Nathaniel Pyle  31%
Write-In(s)   < 1%
2017 Executive Results-
Miles Payne & Larry Borum   55%
Annie Somerville & Kangkana Koli   44%
Write-In(s)   < 1%
Major Achievements & Occurances
  • Implementation  of a Printing Dollar Rollover
  • Implementation of a Flex Dollar Rollover
  • Passage of  a Per-Student Per-Semester Opt-Out Fee to renovate the Rec/IM and its facilities (worth an estimated $22 million)
  • Creation of more student jobs and dining facility renovations through the Chartwells agreement
  • Placement of the University's Athletic's budget into the Auxiliaries
  • Navigation of several severe racially charged incidents on campus including the racist graffiti incident of October 2016 & the subsequent student sit-in protest
  • Introduction of Campus Composting
  • Creation of EMU's first ever Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Creation of first University’s “Black Homecoming” fund
  • Etc...
Business & Finance Minutes
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