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The most important campus events and activities for the next month!

Welcome back from Winter Break everyone! We hope your break was restful and safe. Second semester is a busy time for everyone, but it's also a wonderful opportunity to explore all of EMU's winter events!


What to Expect

We're publishing this newsletter to inform students more about activities, events, and resources on campus! We know it's difficult

to keep track of all the opportunities and events offered on campus, so we want to highlight a few of them every month. We also want to give students and organizations a chance to advertise their own events! If you want to advertise any events on this newsletter, scroll to the bottom of the page!

Below our featured resources, we'll also include announcements about any important developments on campus, such as important notes for finals or mid-term weeks, announcements about changes to student government schedules, or limited-time opportunities that students should know about.

Resource of the Month: Student Legal Services

EMU Student Government provides legal services to EMU Students FREE of

charge. You can sign up for a time to meet our attorney Tracy Thomas down below. The meeting room is 104 Student Center at the time you book.

Please note: There is a $35 charge for a no-call-no-show with the attorney, so please keep that in mind when scheduling appointments.

FREE NYT Subscriptions For All Students and Staff!

Student Government has provided every student, staff, and faculty with a free subscription to the New York Times!

Simply follow the link below, search for our school's name, and sign up! The process takes less than a minute.


Student Government cares about the well-being of every student, staff, and faculty member on campus. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, our campus lost an important piece of what makes this such an amazing place to be:

the community!

Let us know how your campus experience has gone so far this year! Fill out our survey, and tell us what you think has been amazing (and what hasn't). By letting us know, we can make your time here at EMU more enjoyable, and ensure that all students are set up to succeed!

Get your Organization's events Advertised:

If you want to advertise your organization's events, you can fill out the button below to put in a request to our Director of Communications to have it put in our newsletter and social channels.

Let us know what Resources you want to learn more about:

There are many resources available to students! Tell us what resources you want to know more about in our newsletters or if there is a resource you want to learn is available on campus for students.

Become a part of Student Government today:

With the new semester there are a few seats open on our Senate! Being a part of Student Government is a great opportunity! Check out our applications and learn how to become a senator below.

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