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Thank you for your interest in wanting to join Student Government and become a Student Senator. Working with the campus community and improving your university can be a very rewarding experience. Part of being a Student Senator involves being a constant representative of Student Government. Your actions on campus, as well as online reflect back on you as a Senator and in turn, on Student Government itself. In order to make sure you are fulfilling your role as a Student Government Senator, there are a few things that are required of you.


There are many ways of getting involved with Student Government. You can join a                         or become a Student Body Senator and join our Senate. You can also join us at any of our events, follow our social media accounts for more details. 

Senator Requirements:


Attend Regular Meetings:

           o Committee meetings

           o Senate Meetings (Senate and committee meetings are on alternating Tuesday Evenings)

           o Can have NO more than 2 cumulative absences (including tardiness, leaving early, and not wearing proper attire)


Sit On One Committee:

          o Political Action

          o Student Services

          o Business and Finance

          o Internal Affairs


Campus Engagement

         o Meet with Student Organizations

         o Attend Advisory Boards, Assist with Student Government Events, Attend the meetings of the Board of Regents


Represent the Student Body



Prospective Senator Resources

Please note: Signature sheets are not required while The University is online due to Covid-19. Please reach out to The Vice President if you are unsure about the signature sheet.