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Student Speech Space Policy:

The Student Speech Space consists of the two cement walls and nearby cement cylindrical kiosk located in the grassy area between the Rec/IM, Porter, and Pray-Harrold Buildings. Eastern Michigan University students are encouraged to paint these spaces to communicate upcoming events and other public messages. Although students have broad leeway to write messages on the Student Speech Space, Student Government urges all writers to adhere closely to Eastern Michigan University’s Core Values, namely Excellence, Respect, Inclusiveness, Responsibility, and Integrity. We encourage messages that are positive and informative.


Any EMU student may access the walls and the kiosk at any time, and may paint on either side of each cement wall, and on the kiosk. Painting any of these spaces does not guarantee that a message will remain for any amount of time. Other students and/or Student Government may paint over a message at any time for any reason.


Keep it tidy: do not paint any areas other than the walls or the kiosk, and avoid spilling paint on the grass.


Registered Student Organizations can check out paint equipment including trays, rollers, and paintbrushes from the Student Government office for the purposes of promoting membership for their organization and advertising upcoming events. Have fun and paint responsibly!

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