Executive Staff

**All calls directed to Executive Staff Members, excluding the Student Body President need to be placed to (734) 487-1470.

Luis Romero 
Student Body President

Phone: 616-990-8963

Email: lromero8@emich.edu

Colton Ray
Student Body Vice-President
President of the Student Body Senate

Phone: 810-623-0801

Email: cray22@emich.edu

Joci McMichael
Director of Internal Relations

Email: jmcmich2@emich.edu

Myles Campbell
Director of Business and Finance

Email: mcampb49@emich.edu 

Donacal Clemons
Director of Diversity and Community Outreach

Email: dclemon7@emich.edu

Daezja Giles 
Director of Student Services

Email: dgiles3@emich.edu 

Tiana Stewart
Director of Media

Email: tstewa27@emich.edu