Elections are Held on March 24th-25th in 2021.

**All information below is that of the 2021 Election

Please consult Chapter 6 of the SG Bylaws for information and policies on campaigning and the elections.


Commission Members:




2018-2019 Candidates:

Executive Candidates


Balaal Hollings and Tyler Wright

Ethan Smith and Hajer Abuzir

Senatorial Candidates

Elise Velez

Reid Scott

Kirk Suchowesky

Alexa Cooley

Rebecca Washington

Amanda Fox

Marisa Salice

Nicholas Gallnzzo

Taylor Lawrence

Luis Romero

Tyler Wright

Tyler Kochman

Jack Swartzinski

Colton Joseph Ray

Lillian Pellerito

Balaal Hollings 

Robert Holmes

LaTerricka Osborne

Anna Newmyer

Write-in Senatorial Candidates: