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**All information below is that of the 2018 Election

Such documents may not pertain to the 2019 Election**

Please consult Chapter 6 of the SG Bylaws for information and policies on campaigning and the elections.


Commission Members:




Election Commissioner
for Winter 2019

Appointed by President Crutcher

Faraz Ansari

Appointed by the

Student Body Senate

Osayd Qatu

Election Results

Executive Candidates

Ethan Smith and Hajer Abuzir- 837 votes 

Balaal Hollings and Tyler Wright-353 votes

Senatorial Candidates

   Alexa Cooley-399 votes

Amanda Fox-383 votes

Nicholas Galluzzo-218 votes

Balaal Hollings-523 votes

Robert Holmes-528 votes

Tyler Kochman-294 votes

Taylor Lawrence-385 votes 

Anna Newmyer-466 votes

LaTerricka Osborne-544 votes 

Lillian Pellerito-274 votes 

Colton Ray-240 votes 

Luis Romero-376 votes 

Marisa Salice-500 votes 

Reid Scott-286 votes 

Kirk Suchowesky-446 votes 

Jack Swartzinski-370 votes 

Elise Velez- 468 votes 

Rebecca Washington-376 votes 

Tyler Wright-306 votes 


Write In: 

Important Dates

Presidential candidate meeting: Friday, February 22nd, 9:00am Student Center room 342

Active campaigning begins: Monday, February 25

Deadline for filing as a write-in candidate: Sunday, March 17, 5:00pm

Presidential debate: Wednesday, March 20, held in student center cafeteria

Deadline to submit campaign receipts to Speaker of the Senate: Tuesday, March 26

Voting: March 27-28

Results announced: Thursday, March 28

Grievances: Saturday, March 30th, 5:00 pm

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