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Student Government Committees

Students do not need to be on the Senate to join a committee or commission, except for Internal Affairs.

Political Action & Student Services Committee | Student Center Rm 304

The purpose of the Political Action Committee & Student Services committee is to facilitate and improve student participation and knowledge of external issues that affect the Student Body. It shall manage and implement strategic initiatives of the Student Government that serve to improve the welfare and condition of the University and the Student Body, as well as actively express the sentiments of the Student body of Eastern Michigan University to the appropriate entities.

PAC will be working with the Political Science Department, the EMU caucus, the Office of Diversity and Community Involvement, the Office of Governmental Relations, and student organizations interested in hosting events.

Any students, student organizations, or departments interested in creating programming or working with PAC please contact Daira Lloyd, Director of Diversity & Comm. Outreach, or Jessi Kwek, Director of Student Services, for more information. 


Business and Finance Committee | Student Center Rm 204 

The Business and Finance Committee (B&F) acts as a liaison between Student Government and Student Organizations regarding financial matters. Any registered Student Organization or Club Sport can request funding from the Business and Finance Committee to subsidize the cost of a program or the purchase of necessary equipment for a club sport.  One of the stated committee goals is to educate student organizations on the funding process.


Requesting Funding:

To request funding follow the following steps

     1. Have a representative of your Student Organization complete Web Training (includes what we can and cannot fund) and The Allocation Request Form (on our Web Services Portal) for the online allocation training and application.

     2. After the forms are submitted Student Organization Representative must attend a Business and Finance Meeting to Present your request and answer questions regarding the request.

     Note: You must meet the deadline to be put on the agenda for the meeting

All allocation requests are subject to the approval of the committee and no money is guaranteed.

Any student organization that may have an inquiry regarding Student Government's funding process may contact Luis Romero, the Director of B&F. 


Requirements: At least 2 weeks' notice before the event

Internal Affairs | Student Center Rm 302

The Internal Affairs committee was established to keep and maintain Senate records and activities. The committee is tasked with the enforcement, maintenance, and updating of the Bylaws and Constitution of Student Government and is led by the senate-elected Speaker of the Senate.  Additionally, two appointed senators and members of the Student Government Executive Board sit on the committee.

For more information, please contact Anna Bowling, Director of Internal Relations. 

Advertise your events

to more students

If you would to have your events put on the student government website or socials, fill out the document below and the request will go to our Director of Communications for Review. 

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