We Are EMU's Student Government

"Student Government and your student leaders truly start from the ground up. We start with ordinary students who come to class day in and day out, perhaps skipped one here or there too. The ones who spend hours in the library only to face a long, cold car ride home late in the night or rather the early hours of the morning. Those students who just want to live their lives, do their work whether academic or professional, cool down with a group of their close friends, be recognized for their achievements, and not belittled for their beliefs or their flaws."

-State of the Student Body Address, Jan. 30th, 2017

President Morton & Vice-President Starr

Student Government is a representative body of all students on campus at EMU. We were established to secure a powerful and focused voice to the administration regarding student concerns. We represent the voice of students on and off campus, to the University's Administration, Faculty,  and Board of Regents. We also represent students' interests across the state of Michigan, at the State Capital, and across the Country.

The bulk make-up of Student Government is the EMU Student Body Senate. The Senate consists of 17 individuals who work diligently through committees and resolutions to make the students' voice heard in the larger community. Part of Student Government is the Executive Board consisting of the Student Body President and Vice President, and the Directors who act as chairpersons of their respective committees and oversee Student Government initiatives.