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Black Student

10-Point Plan Commission

On November 19th of 2015, EMU held its Forum on Institutional Racism in Higher Education. During the forum, the Student 10-point plan was announced to better the experience for minorities as well as all races and ethnicities at EMU.


And on August 23rd of this year, President Morton established the  Black Student 10-point plan Commission in the effort to better the experience of and expand the well-being of all students here at EMU.



This commission is charged with:

 o     Assisting the progress underway at the university level in implementing the 10-point plan.

 o     Investigating the current actions underway by the University.

 o     Research the financial applications of the plan.

 o     And oversee the overall implementation of the 10-point plan.


This commission consists of the following voting members:

 o      Student Body President  Miles Payne, serving as Chair

 o      BSU President Donald Bell, Serving as Vice-Chair

 o      RHA President Kevin Hillman or his designee

 o     Two students appointed by the Student Body President

 o     Three students appointed by the BSU President



This Commission is open to all registered students, faculty, and staff as non-voting members.

Every Monday at 9:15pm in the Student Center Intersection

For more information on the Commission, or if you would like to get involved, please contact Miles Payne, Student Body President.

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